Epic Fail Cosplay Hosted Events

Epic Fail Cosplay hosts several types of events at anime, video game, and other nerd-themed conventions throughout Utah and the West. If you're looking to fill part of your event programming, Epic Fail has your back.

Epic Fail cosplaying Yamato from Idolish7 while making a "I've seen things" face


Whose Line is it Anime? The show where everything's made up and [insert funny line]

Epic Fail Cosplay loves putting together improv shows. They take current and older anime and video games and write prompts that nerds love. Need a fun event where we play a "short alchemist with anger issues?" Then we got you.

This event is based on the tv show "Whose Line is it Anyway?" Depending on your convention we can run this event fully ourselves, or include try-outs to fill the show with your own talented attendees!

Game Shows

The Game Show Network has nothing on our half-baked, game show events.

What shows do we use to inspire our events?

  • The Price is Right

  • Match Game

  • Family Feud

We also run other types of games:

  • General Nerd-themed Trivia

  • Karaoke mixed with Choose Your Own Adventure RPGs

  • D&D Dice rolling events

Event MC

Giving me a microphone is a dangerous idea

We at Epic Fail Cosplay have been cosplaying for over 15 years. We have experience in all types of performances. From competing in the contest, to being the tech crew, to being that random person backstage who prevents panic attacks, Epic Fail knows how a Cosplay Contest works.

We know what energy an MC should bring to the stage. We've hosted the cosplay contest for 3 years at ToshoCON, helped fill time at Anime Banzai's cosplay contest for 2 years, and been an alternate "just in case" host at several events in the past.

If you need a talented multi-use person backstage and/or onstage at your convention, consider Epic Fail Cosplay.