Epic Fail Cosplay Hosted Events

Epic Fail Cosplay hosts several types of events at anime, video game, and other nerd-themed conventions throughout Utah and the West. If you're looking to fill part of your event programming, Epic Fail has your back.

Epic Fail cosplaying Yamato from Idolish7 while making a "I've seen things" face


All my events are improv-based

Epic Fail Cosplay improvs much of what we do because it’s far more fun to fail while we forget what we’re doing. That and we can cater our events to the attendees. Come 1, come 300. Join us for a lack of script, and to enjoy our games, prizes, and treats.

Improv 101

Improv 101 is a must for anyone looking to add humor to their cosplay. Let Epic Fail Cosplay guide you through a series of hilarious exercises and games as we learn the rules of improv together. Get ready to laugh, learn, and let loose in this one-of-a-kind workshop!

I built this event after taking improv classes at the University of Utah. (Created with permission from the instructor). I also include what I learned from acting in and out of cosplay. I combine the experiences into a workshop adventure I get to experience with your attendees.

Whose Line is it Anime?

Do you like improv comedy shows? Then you’ll tolerate Whose Line Is It Anime?! A semi-unprofessional show filled with anime-themed improv games, laughter, an obvious lack of sleep, and all the general craziness of an unscripted improv show. Convention Attendees first try out and then perform the show while Epic Fail Cosplay performs as host and "writer."

Game Shows

The Game Show Network has nothing on our half-baked, game show events

What games and shows do we use to inspire our events?

We also run other types of games:

**All games can be tailored and reworked to your specific events. 


Epic Fail’s Guide to Hosting Events as a Cosplay Group

Join Epic Fail Cosplay for an “informative” “round” “table.” Learn how we plan events, keep organized, and provide “high-quality” “entertainment” at conventions throughout Utah and the West.

This panel is fun for me to showcase the tips and tricks I've learned over the years of performing and cosplaying. I think its fun for your attendees as well!

Need a different panel?

I'm happy to work with you and create something better fit for your event!

Event MC

Giving me a microphone is a dangerous idea

We at Epic Fail Cosplay have been cosplaying for over 15 years. We have experience in all types of performances. From competing in the contest, being the tech crew, and even being that random person backstage who prevents panic attacks, Epic Fail knows how a Cosplay Contest works. 

We know what energy an MC should bring to the stage. We've hosted the cosplay contest for 3 years at ToshoCON, helped fill time at Anime Banzai's cosplay contest for 2 years, helped with the Cosplay Contest and Opening Ceremonies at Isekai Anime Con, and been an alternate "just in case" host at several events in the past. 

We can MC any event. Opening/Closing Ceremonies, Cosplay or other contests, or whatever type of event where you need someone to improvise and get and keep the audience excited.

If you need a talented multi-use person backstage or onstage at your convention, consider Epic Fail Cosplay.

Cosplay Contest Judge

Epic Fail Cosplay is a Master Class level Cosplayer

Epic Fail has won Best In Show twice, once at LVL UP Expo in 2016 (as a stage helper), and waaaay back in 2010 at Anime Banzai. After taking a break from the cosplay contest scene for nearly a decade, Epic Fail Cosplay won “Best Overall - Intermediate Class” at Anime Banzai’s 2023 Cosplay Contest. This win pushed her into Master Class and Epic Fail is NOT happy about it. (Ya’ll are too talented.)

But Epic Fail’s life in the cosplay community is much more than any individual win. 

A performer and improver at heart, I love to see the creativity people put into making a skit work, even when everything goes wrong. If you need a judge at your event, Epic Fail can help.

NOTE: I'm qualified to judge at smaller events. I haven't won enough "big" master-level awards to judge at large conventions. I enjoy judging and am a talented seamstress and performer. However, I will point you toward more experienced cosplayers who have won more and higher level awards to judge your contests if I don't feel qualified for your specific event.

Some Master Level Judges/Cosplayers I actively suggest and support are