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And Guest cosplaying Miya from Sk8: The Infinity
Epic Fail cosplaying Yamato from Idolish7 while making a "I've seen things" face

Epic Fail Cosplay was "officially" founded by Spork and Epic Fail back in 2009. 

Epic Fail provides entertainment events at anime/video game/nerd-themed conventions throughout Utah and the West. Epic Fail plans, runs, and hosts many types of events, all improv-based. 

Small or large events, from 1 person to over 300. Epic Fail provides inclusive events for all types of people so everyone can have fun. Especially us.

Need an MC for your cosplay contest? Want to run a group karaoke event? Looking for a fun improv show? Then Epic Fail Cosplay is right for you!

Book us at your next convention today!

Our Members

Epic Fail cosplaying Rei from Free!

Epic Fail



And Gust cosplaying the Spider Demon Mom from Demon Slayer

And Guest



Upcoming Appearances

June 7th - 9th, 2024

September 13th - 14th, 2024